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Become not just the source of creativity, but the architect of your vision. 

Dear creatives, entrepreneurs, and the hybrid of the like: creative entrepreneurs, 


We are here for you! We are you. We know intimately the struggles facing people of color in the arts. A Yinzer who had moved from Pittsburgh to Brooklyn for lack of creative opportunity and a Brooklynite who came to PGH for love and stayed for the burgeoning cultural landscape, we know intimately the struggles facing people of color in the arts + culture. This city full of exceptional talent that we want to cultivate. 


We’re demystifying the creative path to sustainability through trainings, enrichment opportunities and events developed with a cultural lens. CoCoHaus is truly a place primed for transformation, for creatives of color, by creatives of color. A place where you can thrive. From skills labs to wellness practices, we take into account the many parts that make the whole, realizing we must embrace the nuanced experience that many of us face in creative and entrepreneurial spaces. 


Here’s to the long game,




Position your organization to be the bridge between artists + 


To the culture workers and creative pillars,


We know that you’ve done the work, paved many pathways and that you’re changing the lives of people of color in our community. You are our gathering place for creative expression and, oftentimes, a beacon of light and a safe space for the marginalized. You are the storytellers and historians of black arts and culture in Pittsburgh. And yet, you haven’t received your flowers.


Perhaps your organization is not operating efficiently or it’s not receiving appropriate funding. Maybe your growth is stagnant or you find that it’s been a struggle to keep your doors open. Whatever the case, we’re prepared to develop strategies and culturally relevant solutions. We believe lack of equity, uneven distribution of, and access to resources, meritocracy and gatekeeping have all hindered your growth, not simply effort or need. Let us help you address your areas of need, create solutions with impact, build towards sustainability and enter into the era of prosperity you deserve. 


In solidarity,




Better engage audiences to make arts + culture more equitable for all.

Dear Insitutional Leaders,


Pittsburgh is a city on the cusp of change. Positioned as the most livable city, it still faces challenges with equity, justice and inclusivity. One of the most attractive features in a city is the arts and culture landscape. Yet, one of the most significant contributors to Pittsburgh’s landscape have been inadvertently cut from the conversation: that is, the creative of color.  An arts and culture world without creatives of color is barren.


You are uniquely positioned to aid in the distribution of resources and opportunities. You are a leader who can drive change in this city and keep creatives from feeling like they need to leave Pittsburgh to prosper. We are here to connect you to the artists you seek, push your thinking in cultural and artistic integrity, and support your contribution to the change we all need. CoCoHaus will work with you to create strategies that are truly inclusive and take a leap towards the city we all want to see: one where creatives of color thrive hand in hand with the organizations and institutions that keep us growing.


We’re ready if you are,




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CoCoHaus Creative Solutions is a social innovation consultancy creating sustainability for creatives, creative entrepreneurs and small arts organizations of color by reducing barriers to access through consultations, trainings, enrichment opportunities and events developed with a cultural lens 

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